Many growers decide to combine LEDs with their HPS bulbs. In fact, merging MH/HPS with a quality LED panel proves to be an excellent approach to improving the quality of your harvested buds. LEDs seem to increase both the density and potency of your strain. The natural smell and taste will also be noticably stronger with the use of LED lights. Some growers perceive HPS lights to have a tendency of producing “prettier” buds.

If your greatest concern involves the improvement of your yields, skip the LED grow lights and purchase an HPS for your flowering stage. MH/HPS will usually a higher return on yields in regards to the amount of electricity being utilized.

MH/HPS grow lights are far less expensive for an initial setup, compared to LEDs.

LED grow lights are more unique than MH/HPS grow lights. With MH/HPS grow lights there is a standard process to follow, while LEDs often require growers to contact the manufacturer for additional information that is specific to your model.

Countless growers believe that LEDs are able to produce buds of higher quality than HPS lights. This means producing buds with a naturally stronger scent and taste, more trichomes, and higher potency. The most desirable harvest seems to result from a combination of both HPS and LEDS in the flowering stage, giving the best of both worlds.