In comparison to CFLs, LEDs aid in the production of exceptional yields for the same amount of electricity, since they are far more efficient. LED grow lights produce more light for the same amount of electricity.

CFLs require adjustment basically on a daily basis, while LEDs do not.

LEDs do not radiate any more heat than a CFL setup with identical wattage, but LEDs include additional cooling features such as built-in fans and heatsinks. These options facilitate easier maintenance of comfortable temperatures.

According to many growers, LEDs appear to produce higher quality buds than any variation of grow light. LED grow lights yield buds with higher potency,more trichomes, and they bring out both the natural smell and taste.

Crucial information about LED grow lights: LEDs are a popular upgrade choice from CFLs; however, it is important to realize that excellent quality LED grow lights are still highly expensive, and 400W of LED is not going to give you more yields than 400W of HPS, regardless what the manufacturer states in an equivalency claim. Unfortunately, in regards to growing cannabis, growers have conducted various tests to show that LEDs do not live up to the perception that they can mysteriously increase yields with far less power. Most tests conclude that yields/watt are actually greater with an HPS light during the flowering stage than LEDs. The cost of LEDs is decreasing every year, but understand they are still quite expensive compared to a MH/HPS light with similar wattage.



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